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Website Design
Website design is the actual construction of a website. Pages are designed from the ground up, and we consult with you to custom build a site that provides the information your customers need. To help us understand your needs (i.e. desired results, specific content, color schemes and layout plans, etc.), we ask that you complete our Web Planning Document. Once we receive this file, together with the Web Site Design Contract, we will secure domain registration and hosting, and construction will begin. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the size and scope of the site and our present workload. Basic sites can come in as low as $250. Billing is by the hour, but we are willing to bid or negotiate per-project costs based on detailed client specifications.

Website Redesign
At times, it may be necessary to consider a redesign of your site. Whether or not this might be necessary can be determined by asking yourself a few questions:
  • Are you satisfied with your current website?
  • Does your website comply with current web standards?
  • Are your visitors satisfied with their visits to your website?
  • Is the website user-friendly and easy to navigate?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', perhaps we can help. Whether major or minor improvements are needed, a web site redesign/makeover can make all the difference. Redesign work is billed at $25/hour.

Website Maintenance
We have two types of customers - those that purchase services only and maintain their own websites, and those that contract with us for the maintenance and upkeep of their sites.

If you would like us to maintain your site, as-needed maintenance is always available as well as several flat rate options: Non-profit organizations and informational sites that need little to no maintenance start at just $15/month. Business sites start at $25/month. Fees vary and are based on individual customer needs. Contact us to discuss options.
Please keep in mind that regular updates to your website keep visitors coming back and increase your search engine rankings. To address any minor changes, we offer one month of free website maintenance for every site developed.

If you are interested in purchasing a domain, hosting services, email, and creating and maintaining your own website,
click here for our most affordable options.



"Julie, the website looks absolutely awesome. Bill was impressed and I love the new look. That is neat the way the YouTube videos are. Folks will like that... I sure like the feature of being able to go to the stallion by clicking on his name in the pedigree. How cool!!!!! Kudos!!!!! We thank you for the very professional way in which you create and update It sure makes it easy for me, and we receive many compliments from potential customers seeking our Quarter Horses offered in the May and September sales. Good to know folks are visiting this very excellent website. Compliments to you... we are so glad you are onboard with us. Thanks so much for the awesome job you do for us. You do such a grand job!!!"

                                                                                                          Carole Smith, WYO Quarter Horses, Thermopolis, WY

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