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Among our specialties are helping new and established trucking companies stay in compliance with the necessary and time-consuming paperwork and requirements of the trucking industry. We can relieve clients from the tiresome and complicated chores required by numerous regulating agencies.

With several of our own trucks on the road (in the US and Canada) since 2006, we have been helping owner operators and independent drivers start running on their own. Our clients tell us they enjoy being owner/operators-- but they do not enjoy or have the time to deal with the red tape and confusion of filling out the many state and federal forms. We have the knowledge and experience to help navigate the red tape.

From organizing receipts in trip envelopes to providing end-of-year records to your accountant or supporting you through your DOT audit, the expertise and experience exists to handle all of your office support needs.

  • Address lookups, directions, best routes, road conditions, weather
  • A/R, A/P, Billing & Invoicing
  • *Bookkeeping
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Bills of Lading
  • Budgets
  • Business Cards
  • Cost-per-mile (per load or overall) ---> "Truckers must not be flying by the seat of their pants!"

  • CSA Management
    • Tools dedicated to the CSA 2010 initiative will help improve your safety performance
      (Ask us for examples!)
    • Determines/implements corrective actions to reduce chances of FMCSA interventions
    • Helps you generate a safety rating to act as an "early warning system" and allows you to ...       
      • Continuously monitor internal and federal roadside inspection data
      • Interface with FMCSA's Carrier Safety Measurement System (CSMS)
      • Track accident and roadside inspection data
      • Pre-screen potential drivers
      • Self-audit to determine safety fitness rating and corrective actions
      • Develop company policies from 30 pre-written templates

  • Employee File Maintenance
  • Equipment Repair & Maintenance Files
  • Factoring-agent and/or Company Settlement Review
  • Financial Statements (P & Ls/Balance Sheets)
  • Fuel/Mileage Reporting for IFTA and various states
  • Highway Use Tax (2290) tax filing
  • Independent Contractor Application (Montana)
  • Inventory
  • Log review & archiving
  • Payroll
  • **Payroll Tax Filings (W2/W3, 1099/1096, 940, 941, W/C, UI, SSA)
  • Permits    
  • Promotional Items    
  • Trip envelopes

If you have no physical location or are not home often, we can provide a mailbox and check it regularly.

Thank you for your interest in our trucking support services. We offer a $25 credit for each new customer referred by a current client and we provide a wide range of additional services - just call us and ask!


References gladly provided upon request.

*QuickBooks 2017 Desktop Pro
**Certified PTIN payroll tax preparer

"Julie has provided full service bookkeeping and payroll services for our trucking company since 1996. She seems to effortlessly handle all of our UI and W/C headaches in three states, and submits our financial reports directly to our accountant at the end of each year. Her expertise and friendly, helpful nature is tremendously appreciated and we're not sure how we would manage without her!"
                                                                                                    Lee & Bobby Traub, B & L Traub, Inc., Watford City, ND








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