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JP+ Story

Early in 1995 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, and went through chemotherapy. Although 14 of 20 lymph nodes were malignant, thankfully, her cancer has been in remission since Christmas, 1995. My maternal grandmother and aunt died of breast cancer, and this health challenge for my mom awakened a great degree of awareness in me. Realizing that I was in an extremely high risk category, I found myself thinking about nutrition, supplements, and just generally getting into better shape to deal with whatever might be headed my way.

ran into a distributor who told me he had found the real deal -- the next best thing to fruits and vegetables – a nutritional supplement that had just come out. I’d heard these sales attempts before, and usually resisted. However, his enthusiasm was contagious and this sounded like a product that made good sense. Realizing that our family did not eat enough fruits and vegetables, I decided to give it a try, although I didn't hold out a lot of hope that it would be life-changing.

Our entire family started taking this nutritional supplement in 1995. We didn’t notice any particularly remarkable results right away. We weren’t suddenly able to stay up all night calving heifers, and we didn’t enter any fence-building competitions. We did notice we had a little more energy and a better resistance to the community's cold and flu bugs. Our daughter Jackee, who is immune to antibiotics and has had a tremendous susceptibility to infections, no longer needed the doctor visits, steroids and topical creams for every little mosquito bite, cat scratch, etc. Taking this product had been the only change. It had to have been the solution. To this day, whenever she gets a cold or any type of skin irritation, she doubles up on her nutritional supplement and the problem disappears. She is the true testimonial in our family when it comes to a tangible, obvious, visible, but somewhat unexplainable benefit.

Today, I would be very concerned about Jackee’s diet if I didn’t have the peace of mind of knowing that she is supplementing... because she lives on mashed potatoes! Fortunately, she is very physically active.

In 2000, we had a surprise. I was pregnant - and my “baby” (Jackee) was 10! I had no appetite, lost a lot of weight, and Dr. Mark Randak ordered a blood panel thinking that I might need a little extra nutrition. The results were more than adequate and he asked me what I’d been taking. I told him, and he sent me home with a prescription for an antidepressant to help get me off the couch. I survived!

In 2004, I thought "Holy Cow, we’ve spent a lot of money on this stuff!" It was time to test it. I had my blood drawn for screening at the South Big Horn County Health Fair. The blood results were excellent. I had a booth at the Health Fair, and as people passed by I overheard them comparing scores they had received from a cutting-edge testing machine which was measuring carotenoid antioxidant levels in the skin. I decided I had to get loose from my booth and check it out. I answered a few questions: 'No, I didn’t take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement'; 'Yes, I consumed less than two servings of fruits and vegetables daily.' Then I placed the palm of my hand in front of the blue light laser of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic scanner 
and my Skin Carotenoid Score came back at a whopping 35,000!

Nobody else at the Health Fair scored in the 30-39K range; two scored in the 20-29K range (and they WERE fruit and vegetable eaters, juicers and vitamin/supplement-takers). Needless to say, no one at the (reputable) vitamin booth attempted to sell their products to me. I still to this day have people come up to me asking “Aren’t you the one that blew that machine off the charts at the health fair?”

Our family has taken this product since 1995. It is simply the most thoroughly researched whole food nutritional supplement on the market today - entirely backed by science - for when you can't, won't, or don't.

Over the years, we've been mindful of the ongoing research. The scientific studies are quite impressive...


As far as the business goes, my sales volume has exceeded the Sales Coordinator level (>$18,666) but I remain at the Virtual Franchise position because one of my distributors still needs to reach the Direct Distributor level. I am now focusing on helping this individual build a level of volume which will move me to the (22% commission) Sales Coordinator level.

Admittedly, sales is not my greatest area of strength. However, I am committed to sharing with others what this whole food supplement has done for our family and I do have my sights on one day becoming a National Marketing Director.

ACTION: Educate yourself on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables!
BENEFIT: First, knowledge is everything. Second, if you are able to get the needed nutrition from the fruits and vegetables into your body (in any manner of your choice), you will enjoy the same peace of mind as we are - knowing that your body is at it's optimum level of functionality to help resist any health challenges that might be headed your way. Remember that this product is not a cure - it is an additional tool for prevention if you don't already regularly include adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you need the supplementation, We challenge YOU to try this product for four months. Then, have a blood screening done at your local Health Fair.



Everyone has a story. You bought this product because of someone’s story. You started your business because of someone’s story. Our product and our marketing model made sense to you because you identified with someone’s story. Whether you are just starting your business or you have been a distributor for many years you have a story to share. Your story is the basis of your business and sharing it often will ensure your success.

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