Bilbrey Enterprises
"Virtual Assistants providing office support services since 1992..."


Our goal is to provide top quality bookkeeping and computerized office and Web support services which meet your specific needs. Should we fall short of that goal, or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, please let us know.

Areas of Responsibility
Upon request, we will help you with document layout, grammar, and clarity of language. Although all work is carefully proofread, you are responsible for the accuracy of the printed result. If you find any typographical errors, we will be happy to provide corrected page(s) at no charge.

Storage of your Documents
Processed documents are digitally archived for a period of one year. Financial records will be kept as long as services are performed for you.

Your materials will be reviewed for the sole purpose of providing service to you. Some photography/video projects require collaborative efforts with business associates. All information and materials are held in strict confidence.

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