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Big Horn Wagons

Ride with us!!! Call 307-765-4584
Wyoming Road Report • Weather Forecast


Some of the trips will be subject to change. As always, If the high temperature is not predicted to be 32 degrees or above, the trip will be canceled. The tough dumb ones still might be going! If wet, you might call to be sure of not tearing up the roads we use.

Photos courtesy of Diana Schmid


 We invite you to come ride with us. We're happy to find trails for you to ride in the Bighorn mountains. These trails will show you a variety of trees, flowers, wildlife and history. The Bighorns are hard to beat. Happy Trails!"

Jeff McManus, Wagonmaster

Ø Jeff & Barb McManus ~ Jeff and Barb, a husband and wife team, were each born into ranch life and raised with good riding horses. Jeff hailed from early years at The Padlock Ranch near Sheridan, Wyoming, just miles from where our rides will take place, while Barb brings Montana childhood experiences. Each has had a variety of horse related activities grace their lives. Jeff has ridden the area his entire life and has extensive knowledge of the geography. He is presently a brand inspector with the Wyoming Livestock Board and has worked for licensed Wyoming outfitters guiding trips in the Bighorn and Rocky Mountains, taking groups as small as three and as large as 130 on overnight wilderness trips. Both Jeff and Barb enjoy the outdoors and are students of the history of our area from the Mountain Man to the Cowboy. Jeff was involved in recreating the pony express rides through Wyoming and both are actively involved in the recreation of the mountain man way of life and the 1840’s fur trade era at “Rendezvous” across the West. Jeff has given talks at historic areas and museums while portraying, in authentic dress, the first National Park Ranger. He is a great storyteller and will be happy to relate some of his favorites and facts of history to you around the campfire. 

We invite you to join us! If you have any questions, please Jeff at (307) 765-4584 or (307) 272-1838 or email

Big Horn Wagons

Jeff & Barb McManus
P O Box 45
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