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PRCDHS Class of 1984

This web page will be remain under construction. Any corrections and/or updates as well as pictures (including family pictures) are most welcome and will be posted as they are received.

Some of you promised to share your reunion pictures to be posted here and others have promised information on the 10 year reunion held in 1994...


Class of 1984 in attendance on July 3, 2004 Reunion

Back (l-r): Russ Millar, Jay Knowles, Ray Bogner, Kim Wash, Sally Brost, Calvin Burch, Julie Mobley,
Tana Gergen, Nellie Fulton, Mike Morella, Kim Compton, Kelly Dague, Margie Gaskill, Casey Trainer,
Cindy May, Becky Yount, Melody Wetherelt, Dave Archer.

Front (l-r): Lisa Carter, Sydni Stieg, Roxy Giacometto, Juanita Talcott.

Not pictured, but attending on Friday were: Shawn Lockwood and Misti Merchant


Back (l-r): Roxy Giacometto, Ray Bogner, Sydni Stieg, Julie Mobley;

Middle (l-r): Casey Trainer, Misti Merchant, Juanita Talcott, Kelly Dague, Tana Gergen, Lisa Carter,
Cindy May, Kim Compton;

Front (l-r): Russell Millar, Melody Wetherelt, Nellie Fulton, Becky Yount, Kim Wash, Mike Morella,
Margie Gaskill, Sally Brost.

Not pictured, but attending on Friday was Shawn Lockwood




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